Martin Yale 1501X Automatic Paper Folder

Martin Yale 1501X Automatic Paper Folder

Martin Yale 1711 Ease-of-Use Paper Folding Machine

Martin Yale 1711 Ease-of-Use Paper Folding Machine

Martin Yale 1611 Ease-of-Use Paper Folding Machine

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Manual Set-Up, Auto-Feed, 150 Paper Folding Capacity, Fold 3.5"x5"-8.5"x14" Paper Size, 150 Feed Tray Capacity
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Highlighted Features of Martin Yale 1611 Paper Folding Machine:

  • Folding Capability: 9000 per hour
  • Produces six unique fold types
  • Incorporates 8.5” x 14” effortlessly
  • 150 sheets feed tray size
  • Automatically feeds, clasps and folds documents up to 8 ½” x 14” with precision
  • Manual paper feed is five sheets
  • Upgraded paper skew modification with accuracy
  • No fanning required
  • Auto shut off and auto jam installed for durability


Design of Martin Yale 1611 Folding Machine:

  • Product Dimensions: 21” x 15.5”x 13.2”
  • Product Weight: 40lbs
  • Product Warranty of 1-year parts, 90 days labor
  • Product Power: 115-230v, 50/60 Hz
  • Manufactured in United States of America (U.S.A)


Performance of Martin Yale 1611:

Upgraded with exclusive features and ensuring product efficiency Martin Yale introduces 1611 folding machine. This easy to use device grants the ability to automatically feeds and folds the documents. Martin Yale 1611 grants you the ability to feed automatically or manually five sheets that too stapled or unstapled. With its exclusive feature of folding 9000 sheets per hours eases up the hassle of excessive paper folding along with 150 sheet capacity in feed tray. Martin Yale 1611 folding machines auto folder disregards fanning the sheets also it is mounted with self-adjusting retarder. The variety of seven folds like makes this device more creative and unique. The seven folds include: Letter fold, half fold, z fold, double parallel fold, gate fold, engineering fold and church fold.



Martin Yale has its expertise in the paper machines therefore this exclusive 1611 folding machine is a must buy. It outshines its competitors with its amazing durability and easy utilization. Its quick and easy set up makes the machine on board 5 minutes out of the box. This large office machine will ease up your folding process effectively utilizing your time and effort. Backed up by 1-year parts and 90 days labor warranty for ensuring your satisfaction. If your workplace requires an efficient folding machine then shop now at

Basic Attributes
Product NameMartin Yale 1611 Ease-of-Use Paper Folding Machine
ManufacturerMartin Yale
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)13.2 x 21 x 15.5
Fold TypeLetter Fold, Z-Fold, Half-Fold, Gate-Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Church-Fold
Paper Weight (Gsm)60 - 131
Paper Size (W" x L")3.5 x 5 - 8.5 x 14
Type of FolderAuto-Feed, Manual Set-up
Fold Selection SetupManual
Speed (Sheets/Hour)9,000
Automated FeedYes
Warranty1 year parts, 90-days labor
Country of OriginUnited States
Power Supply (Volts)115-230v, 50/60 Hz
User TypeLarge Office
Feed Tray Capacity150
Manual Paper Feed Capacity (up to sheets) 5
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Q: For how long am I entitled to warranty of Martin Yale 1611?

A: Martin Yale 1611 folding machine comes with 1-year parts and 90 days labor warranty although they provide extended warranty programs as well. The warranty form is available in the resources.


Q:  My paper is not feeding in my Martin Yale 1611, what should I do?

A: This may happen if the retarder is worn, kindly replace the retarder for Martin Yale 1611 to work again. If this doesn’t work then kindly read section 5 of the instruction manual.


Q:  The paper is wrinkled while folding in the 1611 folding machine, why?

A: The Martin Yale 1611 skew may be out of adjustment. Regulate the skew as explained in the instruction manual and make sure the paper enter the rollers straight.


Q: Is Martin Yale 1611 suitable for school business?

A: Martin Yale 1611 folding machine is suitable for large school business as it can fold 9000 document per hour.

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