Reason for Return

If a customer changes their mind about their purchase, experiences an application error, or makes a customer order error, the item may be returned within 30 days of purchase. However, a 25% restocking fee will apply. The item must be in its original, unused condition.

The customer is responsible for covering the cost of shipping the item back to Martin Yale and any other associated expenses. To receive credit for the returned item, the customer must request it within 15 days of the purchase. Refunds and credits can only be given to the original purchaser.

Possible Defect

During the warranty period of 120 days, Martin Yale offers a repair and return service if a customer experiences an issue with their product that cannot be resolved over the phone or by receiving a free replacement part.

In the above-mentioned case, the customer must fill out a short form and provide proof of purchase before Martin Yale can proceed with the repair. The customer is responsible for shipping the item to Martin Yale for repairs.

If the item cannot be repaired, Martin Yale will send a replacement unit to the customer. However, if the item is found not to be defective or misuse is evident, the customer must pay for parts, labor, and return shipping before the item can be repaired and returned. If the customer wants a refund, the item will be subject to a restocking fee, except for defective items, from the moment they are received.

Shipping Damage or Defective out of Box

Martin Yale will replace any item damaged during transit or unusable from the moment it is received as long as the damage is reported and documented within 15 days of receipt. Martin Yale reserves the right to send replacement parts instead of replacement items.

Martin Yale Error

The product can be returned for full credit if Martin Yale sends the wrong item or part. Martin Yale will arrange for a pickup or send a call tag for the product.