Check Signers

What are Check Signers?

Check signers are simply machines that will sign your checks for you. It sounds simple enough, but if you have to sign a lot of checks you need a machine that is able to duplicate your signature and print it on checks so that it prints in the right place and also will not just smudge right off of the paper. Check Signers are not just printers; they are special machines that are built for the specific purpose of accurately and quickly signing checks. These machines are a relatively new addition to most offices and they have replaced the use of the signature stamp, which was once the way that multiple checks were signed more efficiently than picking up a pen.

Who Needs a Checksigner?

A checksigner is a great investment for anyone who signs a lot of checks or spends endless hours check signing. If you run a business, chances are that you spend a lot of time signing checks for employees as well as vendors or service providers that provide you with services or products. While you probably spend a lot of time signing checks there are probably a lot of things that you could be doing with that time and a checksigner can help you do just that. With a check signer you simply need to program it and let it know how many checks you need signed and it will be done for you in a matter of minutes. Instead of taking an hour or two out of each week to sign checks you can now have it all done with a checksigner. The machine is safe and secure and will duplicate your signature so that all of the checks can be signed and then given to employees and vendors when needed.

All business owners will definitely benefit from check signers. There are many different models out there ranging in price as well as capability, so there really is something for everyone. This is an investment, but one that is well worth the time and money. If you own a business and you could spend the time that you spend signing checks being more productive you will love the idea of check signers and find the investment is one that will pay for itself in no time at all.

Which Check Signer do You Need?

It can be overwhelming when you start shopping for check signers to determine which machine you need. There are dozens of machines on the market at any one time, and if you allow yourself you can get swept up in all of the bells and whistles and marketing ploys. For this reason, it is a good idea to shop around either locally or online and get a good idea of what is out there. You shouldn't simply start shopping to buy, instead you should spend some time simply looking at what is out there and then when you have a good idea of what is out there you can compare the possibilities to what you need.

There are a lot of features out there including the speed of the machines and security. These are some basics and you will want to choose something that prints the quantity of checks that you need in a reasonable about of time, but security of your signature should always be important. You should also look into machines that have an ACH payment module as well as a MICR printing capability as your vendors and employees with thank you for the ease of use of your printed checks. There is nothing worse than having a payment system that makes your life easier but is a pain for those that you are actually paying with the checks.

Keeping Your Signature Safe with a Check Signer

There are many check signers out there for you to choose from when shopping, but one of the most important features is security. Because you are dealing with financial information you want to make sure that all of the information that is stored in your check signer is as safe and secure as possible. Keeping your signature safe is important and when you are dealing with electronic signature someone could do a lot of damage. Keeping your signature safe is simple, you just need the right machine and you need to make sure that you are always aware of who has access to the machine.

Most checksigners have built in security measures to make sure that your signature doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Most of the time you will need a security code to even turn the machine on and after you have used the machine it will immediately lock itself so that anyone who wants to use the machine will need to enter the code again. To make sure that your signature always stays safe you should change the code often and any time anyone who has the code stops working with you or no longer needs access to the check signer you should change the code. Keeping your signature safe is important, because anyone who has access to the machine can process checks that will be debited from your account.

Check Signer Repair

When you are shopping a for check signers you need to consider the support that is offered through the manufacturer. You should look for a checksigner that has a warranty, even if it is only a year or two in duration. This will give you an opportunity to start using the machine and if something goes wrong you have some recourse. You may also want to consider shopping for check signers from a retailer that will offer you an extended warranty on the machine or even a product replacement plan. Any time you are investing in something for your business you want to make sure that you can replace or repair it with as little problems as possible, especially because it is something that you will be relying on to process your payroll and pay vendors and product and service providers.

If you have a checksigner that needs to be repaired you should bring it in somewhere that will run some diagnostics on the machine and give you a repair estimate for free. Many times, if you have had your check reader for a couple years, you can buy a new check signer for less than you will pay for repairs. You should always consider whether or not the repair is worth it in the long run before you go ahead with them because many times, as is the case with a lot of electronic equipment, you can buy new for less than you can repair.

Life is Easier with Check Signers

Check signers simply make life easier for those that own and run businesses. Signing checks is something that takes a lot of time, even when you have a staff of 20, and in the time that it takes to write out checks and sign them you could have gotten a lot of other things done. When you buy a check signer you are able to get all of the payroll and check writing done in very little time, and you don't even have to be there to oversee it! You can set the machine up to print out the checks when you aren't even in the office, so you can literally get two things done at once! Many business owners find that the time that they save with a check signer is worth the investment in the machine. If you are always pressed for time and you are still processing checks manually, it may be time to invest in a check signer to make life a little bit easier.