Uses and Benefits of Laminators

Laminators are versatile machines that protect and preserve documents in most offices, schools, and print shops. These machines are designed for a seamless lamination process by enclosing and bonding the documents between two pieces of clear plastic film. So, the resulting finish would be free of wrinkles and smudges.

Laminating machines are the ultimate tools to give your documents a professional and polished look that will last years. These machines elevate products' practical and aesthetic performance in various markets, including sales collateral, print publications, and specialty banners.

Before getting into the details about the uses and benefits of laminators, it is essential to note that these machines feature two laminating technologies; Hot Lamination and Cold Lamination. To learn more about laminating technologies, check out our article on Hot vs. Cold Lamination - What’s Best for your project.

The following article covers the advantages and applications of laminators, along with guidance on choosing the appropriate lamination films.

Types of Laminators

There are two main types of laminators: Pouch Laminators and Roll Laminators.

Pouch Laminators

Pouch Laminators use high-clarity or transparent laminating pouches that are sealed on one end and open on the other. The material to be laminated is placed inside the pouch, and then the pouch is fed into the machine. With the hot or cold laminating technology, the material is sealed inside the pouch to ensure a wrinkle-free finish without any smears or smudges.

Pouch laminators are ideal for laminating small documents, ID cards, and photographs. They are also portable and designed with ease of mobility to provide the ultimate user experience.

Roll Laminators

Roll laminators, instead of pouches, use rolls of laminating film to seal the document. These machines provide the versatility to use films of various sizes and finishes to accommodate varying user needs. The films are fed into the machine, and the material to be laminated is placed between the film layers.

With the built-in lamination rollers, the document is encased with a crystal clear and crisp finish. Roll laminators are suitable for laminating larger items, such as posters, banners, and maps. Moreover, they are faster than pouch laminators and can handle thicker materials.

Benefits of Laminators

Laminators offer several benefits, including protection, durability, and aesthetic appeal. The primary benefits of laminators are discussed below.

  • Laminators increase the durability of crucial print materials to ensure that they withstand the test of time and frequent use.
  • Lamination protects sensitive documents against fingerprints, stains, spills, tears, wrinkles, abrasions, oil, grease, and dust.
  • Lamination adds to the aesthetic appeal of the documents by enhancing the ink colors of the printed piece, creating a more professional look for your print material.
  • The stiffness and strength provided by the lamination films give an impression of better quality and importance.
  • In-house lamination is a cost-effective method to preserve the materials for future use and adds longevity to the total life span of the materials.

Pairing Laminators with Lamination Films

When choosing a laminator, it's essential to pair it with a suitable lamination film or pouch. The type of film you choose will depend on the following:

  • The type of laminator
  • The document's thickness
  • The level of protection needed
  • The type of finish desired

The lamination films come in matte, silk matte, and glossy finish; the lamination pouches are in high clarity and transparent finish. Martin Yale offers a wide range of laminators and lamination films, making it easy to find the right combination for your needs.

Best Martin Yale Laminators

Martin Yale has a comprehensive range of laminators under the umbrella of an exclusive brand called Dry Lam. If you're in the market for a laminator, Dry Lam has some excellent options. Here are some of our best laminators on the market:

  • Dry Lam CL-27PR - 27” Professional Element Laminator features hot laminating technology and is compatible with various laminating films.
  • Dry Lam CL-40DX - 40'' Deluxe Element Laminator is a wide format laminator, ideal for laminating relatively larger materials, including posters, banners, etc.
  • Dry Lam LPP6512 - 25'' Roll Laminator features a blend of hot and cold laminating technology to laminate both heat and pressure-sensitive materials.


Laminators are flexible tools that can benefit various industries and applications. Whether you must protect important documents or create eye-catching displays, a laminator can help you achieve your goals. By pairing your laminator with a suitable lamination film and choosing a quality brand like Dry Lam, you can ensure that your documents look great and stand the test of time.

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