If you are looking for processing heavy cardstocks or other types of paper for professional creasing and processing, then a scoring and perforating machine is what you need. A paper scoring machine places neat creases onto the paper that facilitate in folding or processing the paper for other purposes.

The scoring machine can be availed with two different modes or capacities: paper creaser with rotary scoring wheels and compression creasers operating with a long bar for creasing function. The choice depends on the particular type of paper score output required. With a good-quality paper scoring machine, stuff like cards, table tents, tent-style business cards, mailers, occasion cards, tickets and other documents that require folding can easily be managed.

Perforating machines are meant to make the paper easily tear-able by placing tiny holes all along its length. The perforating wheel helps adjust the perforating specifications with ease. Professional requisites like coupons, ads, mailers and other such stuff can easily for perforated with these machines.

There are various price ranges offered for paper scoring and perforating equipment nowadays. A large number of renowned brands have complete line of paper scoring and perforating machines for catering to professional requirements with expertise.