Paper cutters are known to be tools for ultimate convenience of users. They have eliminated the hassles of arranging huge stacks of paper manually and cutting them in the neatest possible way after wasting tons of raw material. Automatic paper cutters, tabletop cutters and many other variants of this machine have sped up the paper cutting process incredibly. The renowned Martin Yale paper cutters mark the next level of efficiency in this field.

But as with all other machines, paper cutters can face many problems during their operations. As seen from innumerable cases, majority of the paper cutter problems are related to poor-performing blades, lack of proper maintenance for the unit, inexperience of the users and unsafe machine operations. Below are some effective ways to avoid these biggest problems of paper cutters at all levels:

Poor-performing blades

Paper cutters have their function dependent mainly on the blades incorporated in the machine. They need to be extremely sharp all the time for accurate cuts. Modern Martin Yale paper cutters have self-sharpening blades that don’t need much maintenance. But normal blades do have a limited life and if left unattended for a longer time, these blades start tearing the paper instead of cutting it.

To avoid this inefficiency, prefer buying automatic paper cutters with self-sharpening blade sets. For a normal paper cutter, you need to change the blade after every 40 hours of cutting. This limit can be traced from the cut counter found in every type of paper cutter nowadays.

Lack of proper maintenance for the unit

A machine is bound to stop working if it is used roughly and not taken care of regularly. Experts suggest that regular cleaning of the unit is pivotal for its smooth running. Users need to keep its components lubricated so that the paper cutter can cut the papers effortlessly. Whether you are using tabletop cutters or any other variant, make sure that the installation spot is also spic and span for preventing the environment from affecting the machine’s inner parts.

Inexperience of the users

Unlike the olden days when paper cutter users used to be experts only, today’s automatic paper cutters have encouraged even the novices to start working with the tool without much training. It can be counted both as an advantage and a disadvantage of paper cutters. An inexperienced user is more likely to use the paper cutter only for fulfilling the temporary cutting need without taking care of the machine or the environment.

To avoid the after-effects of such inexperienced practices, users, either beginner or expert, should have proper training before they can get their hands onto the machine. They should be aware of the proper cutting tactics, position of clamp and the clamping pressure to be applied to each type of paper being cut and proper paper feeding angles.

Unsafe machine operations

Carelessness of the users and no safety measures taken during operation of the paper cutters often lead to workplace injuries which hurt the users in many ways. Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs) are usually the immediate outcome of all these unsafe practices. To be on the safer side of paper cutting, try to avail the automatic paper cutters with ergonomic handles and greater adjustable features. Also stick to the instruction manual strictly for staying on the right track.